Jul 23 2012

Some Info Regarding Women Health Care

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Healthcare is a system which takes care of people’s health. It may sound too simple at first, but it is true. Healthcare is a general system which taken care of both men and women, so one may ask what is the specialty or the uniqueness of women health care? The answer to that is quite simple too.

Though generally diseases do not differentiate between men and women and it can attack anyone, still there are some things that concern women only. The first and foremost is pregnant and giving birth. Apart from that, there are various gynecological problems that make women suffer. These problems should be taken care off.

There are various aspects of women healthcare, but most important is pre-natal and post-natal care. Pregnancy and birthing are the times when a woman’s body is most vulnerable. Any problem or disease can become a grave concern, it can also turn fatal. Apart from that, there is another concern, all over the world, a lot of women die during pregnancy and in many of the countries the healthcare system is not up to the mark. So, there is the need for a women centric healthcare. This health care system has to give more importance to the care of women during and after pregnancy and various gynecological issues.

Feminist health care is a name that can be given to this health care system, and if you delve a little deeper, you will understand the name is just perfect. Problem is you will have much trouble to justify the name in front of others. There are still many people who tend to think that feminist means women who hate men. You will first have to make it clear to people, that just because the healthcare system is associated with the word feminist, it is not against men. There is a great need for such a healthcare that thinks about women, till now, women have to pay more for treatment in comparison to man.

It may seem a little unusual at first, but that is the truth. If you are thinking that opting for health insurance will be able to see you through this problem, then another surprise is waiting for you. Insurance companies normally charge women more than men, for the same facilities. So, be it women healthcare or Feminist healthcare, the sole aim of this healthcare should be proper care and treatment of women at a reasonable price. There are some private hospitals that are offering good quality extensive treatment for women.

Under their care you can have certain facilities like,

  • Reasonable rate of treatment.
  • You can know more about the doctor before you can opt for him or her.
  • You will have the facility to watch the videos about your medical condition or pregnancy situation and procedure of giving birth. These will help you to get a clearer idea about the topic.
  • You can view and even print the images of your case taken by the doctor during your visit or your stay.
  • You can share those photos with your beloved ones.

In short, these hospitals are trying to add some personal touch to the treatment procedure.

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