Sep 11 2012

Dating Tips For Women: Letting Your Guy Open Up To You

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I bet several times that you have heard a woman complainwhy “Men are so hard to communicate with” or that “Why can’t we really connect? Why won’t he open up to me?”. Sound familiar right?

Emotionally, women are more tuned to their emotions than men. This makes them easierto open up and discuss their emotions and thoughts. Men on the other hand are wired differently. But they can open up to you if they want to, the right thing to do is to wait and encourage them.

1. Spend more time together. Not just being together for the sake of it but bonding together. Warm up to him and let him know that you are there for him- even without telling him. If you two have busy schedules and have no time to really meet and just text each other, then don’t expect him to open up to you the moment you meet. Spend your together time leisurely and wisely. Both of you should decide on days where you don’t have work or appointments to go to.

2. Encourage him with your body language. As I have stated earlier, you can let the person feel important even without saying anything, you can help comfort them by just being there. Now when you are talking with your partner then always exude an open posture. Look at him when he speaks, touch his hand or forearm from time to time as a sign of reassurance. Meaning, connect with your body language.

3. Mind the setting. No man would want to talk about “emotional, cheesy stuff” while watching football, in the office or a bar. Take him to a picnic, share abarbecue in your backyard or go on a stroll on the park. These activities may be simple but help to loosen him up.

4. Hold back the criticism. If you want to have a partner who’s willing to talk to you about his “feelings” then don’t or avoid criticising him. Disapproval is a form of rejection and can easily end your communication. Remember that guys don’t usually do this. When they do so they would feel vulnerable and with that you must issue your acceptance. Avoid being judgmental and giving your comments when it’s not needed at the moment.

5. Empathise with him. Empathy means being in his shoes. This means seeing things in his perspective and not yours. During your conversations, show him that you understand and empathise with him and not sympathise him. Men shun pity. Tell him that you know what he means, share your experiences when it helps at the moment.

6. Don’t put him in league with your girlfriends. If you want your man to openup to you then you must also open up to him. It’s okay to talk about your thoughts and emotions but remember he is a guy so don’t demand too much from him. Don’t treat him like you would your girlfriends when you rant and rave or talk about “emotional things”.

It’s all about connecting and communicating beyond the superficial barriers. If you two really connect, just by looking at them then you can sense something about them. You can sense whether they are happy or sad or distracted by something. Be patient and he will open up to you. Show him that you can be trusted with his feelings and that you will be there for him.

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