Aug 29 2012

Choosing the Right Anniversary Jewelry for your Wife

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Many married men end up in the dog house because they forget their wives’ birthdays or even their anniversary. To make sure that you don’t get into trouble with the Mrs., get yourself a good calendar andthink about what kind of present you’re going to give her. The type of gift that you’re going to get would depend largely on your wife’s preferences.

If your wife is more down to earth, then you might want to keep things low-key. Maybe a home-cooked dinner that you prepared yourself or endeavored to order out will be good if you can’t cook. Be spontaneous and romantic; make her feel special by giving her something that she really wants. You can ask her friends if you’re having trouble with finding her an ideal present.

A romantic getaway is always a good idea, so why not take your vacation leave and get a second honeymoon? Plan something special that will blow her mind. However, if budget or time is an issue, you can pick up a trinket that would symbolize your love for her. For many women, this means buying her something special from reliable jewelry stores in The Woodlands, Texas.

The Woodlands is a master-planned community that has a number of jewelry stores available at your disposal. From bracelets to rings, there are curious pieces at jewelry stores in The Woodlands TX that could just be what she may want. You have to be careful and choose one that best suits her skin tone; certain pieces look better on a kind of skin type. The best way to determine her skin tone is by checking out her veins: If they’re green, it’s warm; if they’re blue, it’s cool.

When purchasing at jewelry stores in The Woodlands for someone with cool skin tones, look for silver, white, or platinum pieces. These will surely look good one her. On the other hand, earth colors, orange, and brownish green are best suited for your wife if she has a warm skin tone.

In addition to checking out her skin tone, a simple and direct way is taking her to jewelry stores in The Woodlands. If you want to be more spontaneous, you can check out the pieces online and consult her friends. If you want more tips on picking jewelry based on skin tone, you can check out

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