Nov 07 2013

A Shock to the System

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If you have lived in recent years in a comfort zone, then any change will be a shock. It is all too easy to take things for granted and let your standards slip. If you reach retirement and decide that there is no reason for an early start, and shaving becomes less important, you may reach a point where your other half thinks ‘enough is enough’ and walks out the door. If the house is fully paid and you have other assets it may mean that your wife will get a settlement that will give her financial independence. It is certainly happening throughout the country with senior divorces rising as those in other age groups are falling.

Life expectancy

As life expectancy increases, more people realise that they do not have to live a life that lacks passion and interest. If your wife has taken the step to leave you, you may think there is even less incentive to get up and go out. After the initial shock fades you should decide that there is also a new life out there for you.

If your divorce has meant that your marital home had to be sold so that the proceeds could be divided then you might find yourself in a different neighbourhood when you decide on renting or buying a new home. Even though you resolve to maintain the links with your local pub and former neighbours that sometimes does not last, in spite of the best intentions.

Making friends

Making new friends is not always easy for everyone, especially in later life and with members of the opposite sex if you have been married for a long time. One thing that is worth investigation is joining an online dating service which specialises in people of a similar age who are also looking for friendship.

It is a big step for some people, but it only involves preparing an online profile. There is no question of being contacted by a knock on the door or a telephone call which you are not expecting. You will have to provide your contact details to the agency but they are never shown to anyone else. If you begin to correspond with another member then you are perfectly entitled to supply those details; no one else will; the decision is yours.

Time heals

Time is a good healer and hopefully you will begin to realise you were in a stale relationship that had run its course. When people married for life their expectations were probably that retirement came at a time of exhaustion. However, there has never been a more active generation that those born in the decade after the Second World War. Their second life after divorce can be another twenty years.

At senior dating UK you can post a profile and wait for a response. If your split has shocked you into action then you will know that you need to have smartened yourself up for the photograph other members are going to see.  Divorcing, after being married for the whole of your adult life, is certainly a shock; but there is a second chance.

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